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Turnkey Site Development

For developers, general contractors, or property owners seeking one point of contact throughout a project, we offer turnkey services that include some of the following scopes of work. 

Estimating and Budgeting

While each project is different, requiring a slightly different approach, our process for job site planning begins with reviewing site plans, understanding project stages and optimizing the plan for project completion based on time and budget. Our project estimators, foremen and general superintendents work as a team to accomplish this goal.

Clearing and Erosion Control 

Through site stabilization and the prevention of water erosion, we focus on preparing all sites for lasting erosion and sedimentation control. Our team is experienced with run-off management and storm drainage construction to ensure the proper location, quantity, installation and compaction needed for sedimentation and erosion control. This saves our customers long-term costs associated with a poorly planned water and drainage system on a site development project.

Site Construction 

Our expertise in site development serves our customers with job site support from construction start to finish. Beyond grading and excavating, our team is equipped to manage sites including the initial land surveying, demolition, clearing and grubbing, erosion and sedimentation control, grading, excavating, pipework and utilities and supply of construction materials. With our own hauling operations and asphalt paving division, we support various related site development requirements that most contractors cannot complete in-house.

We offer turnkey site construction and site development solutions for our customers with our ability to handle the initial phases of a project through the final grading, topsoil placement and asphalt or concrete paving.

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Stone Base & Asphalt Paving 

The final stages of a turnkey project include preparing roadways and parking areas for asphalt paving and concrete. We employ multiple crews that specialize in spreading and compacting ABC and other aggregate stone for pavement and concrete foundations. We perform a thorough process of spreading and compacting to a minimum of 95% relative compaction, thus providing a stable and long-lasting foundation. 

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Pipework & Utilities

Once mass grading and excavation is complete, a critical component of completing site development is connecting utilities to the site. We support the pipework and utilities phase of job completion with our storm drainage, water and sewer capabilities. We ensure final job sites are set up for long-term success.