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Asphalt Paving

From the very beginning, John E. Jenkins had the vision of building a company on the vision that people, equipment and technology saves our customer time and money. We apply this vision to all divisions of our business, including asphalt paving. 

Often, asphalt paving is the last step in a lengthy site development project that began with clearing, grubbing, grading, excavating and final construction site preparation. 

Applications & Benefits

Our top-of-the-line equipment is outfitted for premium asphalt paving jobs, and our team of operators has a combined century of experience in different bituminous paving applications. Asphalt paving applications include highways, roads, airfields and streets designed to carry high traffic volumes and heavy loads.

Some of the benefits of using asphalt paving for your job site include:

  • Resilient, waterproof surface
  • Resistant to wear, deterioration and weathering
  • Adaptable for stage construction
  • Flexible if slide subgrade adjustments are needed 
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Prior to beginning asphalt paving, the subgrade must meet proper specifications for the site area. Our process for ensuring optimal asphalt paving results begins during excavation and erosion control.

Critical to successful asphalt paving installation and longevity is proper erosion control and sedimentation management. This is why we begin all jobs with detailed plans for site and soil protection to prevent the heavy equipment from compacting soils once the paving project has begun and to prevent sediment-filled waters from washing on to the pavement.


For asphalt paving projects that require asphalt removal or demolition, our team follows a similar process of removal, subbase preparation and new asphalt installation. With our own hauling operation, we are able to quickly and easily remove old materials from a job site without impeding project progress. 


During the excavation process, the final grade is established with precision to avoid over-compaction which negatively reduces infiltration of the porous asphalt. Our GPS-enabled grading equipment allows us to guarantee the correct subgrade for asphalt paving preparation. 

The subgrade is then pitched for proper storm water drainage. Prior to beginning the asphalt paving, all underground pipework and storm drainage preparation measures are completed. The asphalt is installed over the gravel base using our top-of-the-line paving equipment. It is then rolled, compacted and, when applicable, striped.

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Our leading technology used on jobs allows us to provide best-in-class quality regardless of the job application. Our asphalt paving equipment is no exception. Using a mixed fleet of commercial pavers, dump trucks and rollers, we combine the strengths of the leading equipment brands to get the job done on time and on budget.

The commercial pavers we use on all asphalt paving job sites have a hydraulically-extendable paving range for variable width paving from 8’ to over 15’. This provides our customers with options and versatility for their specific paving application. 

Our highway-class commercial pavers with digital machine controls and intelligent steering systems help accomplish the following important asphalt paving priorities:

  • Guarantees pavement accuracy
  • Maintain proper grade control
  • Meet slope requirements

Our fleet of rollers and dump trucks support the paving, finishing and material hauling process. With premium equipment and materials, our team provides maximum value to our customers while ensuring asphalt projects are completed efficiently, properly and quickly.

Contact us today to learn how we can provide for your asphalt paving needs.