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Local Hauling and Dumpsite

Hauling and Dumpsite Location

Important for all job types is the ability to haul materials on or off a job site. With our fleet of dump trucks and trailers, we have the equipment needed to support our various lines of business. From asphalt paving and installation to grading and excavating, our ability to haul construction materials as well as site debris to or from the job site quickly and efficiently reduces project costs and time.

While our hauling division primarily exists to support our own operations, we offer heavy-haul services for jobs local to the Gastonia and Charlotte area.

In addition to hauling, we operate a dumpsite located at 1451 Delta Drive in Gastonia. We accept inbound dirt, concrete, asphalt and rock. We do not accept trash, or demolition material. Check in at the Jenkins office for permission prior to dumping any materials on site. 

To confirm if your materials are accepted, call 704-864-5421 prior to arriving on site. Click here for current pricing and directions.

Fill Dirt and Aggregate Sales

  • Fill Dirt
  • ABC/Crusher Run
  • #67
  • #57
  • #5
  • Rip Rap
  • Boulders
  • Screenings

Part of the importance of our dump truck and trailer fleet is the ability to haul our own construction materials straight from the quarry to a job site. This eliminates third-party delays and additional contractor coordination that can cause costly delays to a project schedule. With our hauling division supporting our asphalt paving operations as well, we have fully-outfitted paving equipment group to complete jobs on time and on budget. 

Materials Calculator

Offering construction materials to local contractor groups and construction jobs, we provide an easy cost calculator for estimating raw material cost. Calculate the cost of your materials

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