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Demolition and Clearing

JE Jenkins provides the best demolition and clearing services in the business!

Prior to beginning staging and planning for a project, site demolition, clearing and grubbing is often needed. Proper demolition, clearing and grubbing process is important to prepare a site for topsoil stripping and bulk excavation. Our team of estimators and operators are equipped with the best available technology to complete this critical step of a project before the grading and excavating can begin.

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Clearing & Grubbing

Removing trees and brush for site clearing precedes grubbing, which includes the removal of woody materials, stumps and roots. With our fleet of heavy-haul dozers, we use rippers and plows to effectively clear and grub sites prior to hauling material offsite for disposal. Our equipment allows us to safely and efficiently complete this critical first step of a project without negatively impacting the project schedule or budget.

Based on project conditions and local ordinances, we make sure all material is hauled and disposed properly. Sometimes cleared materials may be reused for stabilization of the site. With our in-house hauling operation and fleet of dump trucks, we are equipped to handle any size clearing project. 

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Site & Building Demolition

Regardless of the demolition type, our team is experienced with adhering to the proper dumping and disposal requirements, protecting neighboring buildings, and achieving the finished site condition for the next phase of the project to begin.

Site demolition often involves the removal of catch basins, manholes, underground pipe, asphalt and concrete paving. We understand the importance of ensuring all site requirements are met and future restoration for pipework and utilities is considered.

During building demolition, depending on the scale of the structure removal, this phase of the project can be complex. Ranging from the razing of a building to limited structure removal, building demolition requires detailed preparation. This can include removing hazardous or regulated materials, securing necessary permits, locating and disconnecting utilities, and developing site-specific safety project plans. Our team is able to handle all necessary steps in the process to completing site and building demolition on budget and on time.

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For clearing, grubbing, and demolition projects, we use industry-leading equipment to allow for maximum efficiency and quality on the job. With our fleet of bulldozers and front-loaders for this phase of a project, we use the power of the bulldozer to complete some of the following critical steps in site preparation:

  • Site clearing and grubbing
  • Grading earth for short haul distances
  • Pushing scraper pans
  • Ripping rock and materials

We combine this with the versatility of our front-loaders to lift materials vertically for loading, unloading, site demolition and excavation. Additionally, our front-loaders assist with some of the following site work components:

  • Site clearing and grubbing
  • Excavate and carry soil
  • Loading soil and building materials into a truck
  • Transporting and spreading borrow fill 

To learn more about our demolition and clearing services, contact us today!