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Bonds Farm - Industrial - Concord, NC

Project Overview

AXIAL Bonds Farm, developed in partnership with Landmark Builders, features a state-of-the-art industrial complex comprising of three rear-loading buildings with a combined area of 809,720 square feet. John Jenkins played a crucial role in delivering turnkey site preparation services, contributing significantly to the success of this project, marking one of many prosperous collaborations with Landmark Builders. The three buildings, spanning 414,000, 247,000, and 148,720 square feet, offer unparalleled flexibility, enabling demising and accommodating multiple tenants. Designed with modern clear heights and expansive truck courts, the development caters to the diverse needs of local and regional manufacturing and assembly users. Additionally, ample employee and trailer parking facilities enhance the overall functionality of the site. AXIAL Bonds Farm stands as a testament to the fruitful partnership between Landmark Builders and John Jenkins, showcasing our collective expertise and successful project execution.